Tuesday, February 17, 2009

trim and moulding

You can expose brick, mud drywall, refinish floors, scrape wallpaper and paint walls - none of this matters until you add moulding and trim. We love crisp, clean, bright white trim in just about every room. Slowly, we've been adding the base trim as we get certain phases of the work complete. Now that we're moving on to doors and windows, y'all can have a peak.

I don't consider my moulding capabilities a talent - but we're really good at the finishing part of the job where you can hide errors. After you've installed whatever you're working on, you should fill in all the gaps and nail marks with a paintable caulk (or something comparable) before painting the final product. We still have to do this step, but it's coming along.

The square rosettes with fluted casings are seen in a few other places of the house where the trim appears to be original. We like the traditional, yet geometric look.



Dealing with a 1.5" floor height change is a pain. We built this trim piece out of two threshold step-up pieces stacked and secured.


Anonymous said...

wow - that looks amazing. you two are great!

Mark said...

Nice job!

Wanna come trim out the O.K. (over-kill) Casa?

We'll do up leg of lamb and keep the compressor running (and later the wine flowin')!

spicer said...

Is that Rue orchid in a bottle still alive? I think I see it in the picture.

Home Renovation Guide said...

This Blog is going places, the people, the layout, amazing to see such dedication and focus.